If you’re seeing this, you’re almost certainly here because you followed a link from QRZ to my blog. If it’s around the end of December 2016 or early in 2017, you’re probably here because you’re interested in the North Cooks DXPedtion.  Welcome!  Go ahead and subscribe to the RSS feed in your favorite reader (I like …

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In conversation with WU9P on 20m, I realized I hadn’t posted any updates on the tower project. I’ve take a quick quadcopter video from the house up and over the tower. More details later.

Kids on PSK

I was wrapping up some stuff on the computer, yesterday, and poked at 20m PSK (14.070). Conditions weren’t great, but I watched broadband decode for a minute and asked Eva (my younger daughter) if she wanted to talk to a 7th grade girl… she timidly took over the keyboard. After a few minutes, she was …

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