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Upgrade – I didn’t move to Seattle!

A couple weeks back, I decided to start studying for the Amateur Extra test and a couple days later, I was hitting mid-90’s on the practice tests. I decided to I was best of testing “soon” instead of waiting to gain complete mastery of the material. Since, I’ve actually gone back and re-read and studied some of the… Read More »

Wrong Controller

Prior to the shack-relocation and remodel, I was using a 2-element SteppIR at ~30 feet and a ZS6BKW at ~55 feet.  With the move inside, I’ve compromised and I’m only using the ZS6BKW (relocated – now broadside E/W @ ~70 feet with the help of W7ECK).  This is about as simple as it gets.  One rig, one tuner, one… Read More »

New Shack

I recently relocated the shack from the old location in the garage into a closet in the front guest room.  You read that correctly… a closet!  The prior shack (pictured in 2014 NAQP SSB results) was out in the garage and left a lot to be desired.  Factors leading to my decision to rebuild the shack included lack of heat,… Read More »