photo from 2014
Reasonably recent photo of k7add, side effects restaurant near home.

New(er) licensed ham (January 2013), visit web born in 1974.  Super nerdy and curious, which is what got me into the hobby to begin with.

I go by “Ben” on HF, but my full first name is “Bengt-Erik.”  It’s pronounced somewhat similar to the word “Banked.”

I live in Duvall, Washington USA on 15 acres with my amazing girlfriend, Lauren.  We’re hobby farmers and raise chickens every couple years, for meat.  and work at a large software company in Redmond, WA.  My job has recently given me a little more experience with RF in a commercial setting.  Fun stuff!

You’ll find me super interested in almost any aspect of the hobby.  The huge surface area is something that was immediately attractive to me.  I love exploring what’s possible.  If we’ve worked, it was almost certainly HF phone or JT65.  I often work remotely, especially while travelling for work; JT65 is a perfect mode for that.

If you hear me on, say hi!

I infrequently APRS beacon, while travelling as K7ADD-9, even less frequently while hiking as K7ADD-7.



  • Mixed #59214 (175)
    • 20m (123)
  • Phone (155)
  • ARRL WAS #58356 Mixed
    • 20m Mixed
    • 15m Mixed
  • ARRL WAS Phone
    • 20m Phone
  • ARRL WAS Digital
    • 20m Digital
    • 15m JT65
    • JT65
      • 20m JT65
    • Mixed #3051 (1068)
      • 20m Mixed (603)
      • 17m Mixed (310)
      • 15m Mixed (302)
      • 10m Mixed (320)
      • Mixed North America (418)
      • Mixed South America (59)
      • Mixed Europe (283)
      • Mixed Asia (119)
    • SSB #3725 (552)
      • SSB North America (270)
      • SSB Europe (191)
    • Digital #428 (609)
      • Digital North America (255)