Radio Gear

While the shack and antennae are an ever-evolving quest, ed I’ll attempt to keep this accurate with an associated blog post about the decision making process.

Recently Built Shack Desk
Recently Built Shack Desk


RF and Audio

  • Elecraft K3/100W
    • KPA3A – Internal 100 W Upgrade Kit for the 10W K3/10
    • KAT3A – Internal ATU with 2nd Ant. Jack for the K3
    • 2.7 kHz filter
    • 1.8 kHz filter
    • KRX3A-K – High Performance Subreceiver for the K3 (and 2.7 kHz & 1.8 kHz filters)
    • KDVR3 – Digital Voice Recorder for the K3S and K3
    • KBPF3A – General Coverage RX Bandpass Module for the K3S and K3
    • KIO3 – Standard I/O Board
    • KXV3 RX Ant., 2nd Pre-Amp, IF Out and Xverter Interface
  • Elecraft KPA500 160 – 6M, Solid State, Automatic Band Switching Linear Amplifier
  • KAT500 – High Power ATU
  • Software Based Panadapter
  • LP-PAN2

    NaP3 - Software Panadapter
    NaP3 – Software Panadapter
  • Behringer X1204USB Mixer


  • Old Alienware

Portable & QRP