Upgrade – I didn’t move to Seattle!

A couple weeks back, I decided to start studying for the Amateur Extra test and a couple days later, I was hitting mid-90’s on the practice tests. I decided to I was best of testing “soon” instead of waiting to gain complete mastery of the material. Since, I’ve actually gone back and re-read and studied some of the topics that were particularly interesting. I found a VE session in Capitol Hill and made my way down to Ada’s Technical Books, that Monday night. The exam was administered by a super friendly Laurel VE team. Test jitters got the better of me and I powered through, completing it around the 5 minute mark (50 questions). I missed a few, but walked out with a shiny CSCE!

Fast forward to this week. I received a QSL card addressed to me in “Seattle, WA” All other details were correct, including the zipcode, so I’m unsurprised that it reached me. One of my friends pointed out that my QRZ address was listed that way. I checked ULS and sure enough, they’d entered my address wrong with my upgrade! While it’s rectified now, it’s still amusing.