The 10m WAS Challenge

We had a nice opening on 10m, today (20:00-23:00z or so) and I managed to work a little bit of phone and a fair amount of JT65, including a little trans-equatorial DX (a CA3, an LU, and a couple PYs).  I was really hoping to work the last few states I need on 10m for WAS.  I’m missing WY and MT and only have a card for OR (no LoTW).  If I close those, 5BWAS is within reach, but I suspect I’ll struggle closing the gap.  Here’s why:

Right over the to.
Right over the top.

See how I’m skipping right over the “close in” states?  Back-scatter is super unpredictable, so I’ll just have to keep at it.

Current WAS Mixed counts, as they sit (including cards in confirm totals):

Status     160M   80M   40M   30M   20M   17M   15M   12M   10M
Worked        4    43    50    23    50    50    50    41    48
Confirmed     2    41    50    21    50    50    50    40    48

In other news, I moved to WSJT-X from JT65-HF-HB9HQX.  I’ve had some pretty significant stability issues with the “HB9HQX Edition,” of late.  Beat is an awesome guy and we’ve swapped several emails about debugging it, but just can’t keep it running for more than a few hours at a time.  I’ve had corrupted config.sqlite and it’s refused to start and a few other really irritating occurrences. -X is going to take some getting used to. The UI is really different and I’m using JTAlertX as a massive crutch. Added bonus is that JT9 WAS is a new challenge!

[Update: 23:52z – Just started looking at where I’ll need to concentrate, if I want to land the 5BWAS]
JT65 Confirmations (again, including cards):

Status     160M   80M   40M   30M   20M   17M   15M   12M   10M
Worked        2    43    50    21    50    49    50    35    48
Confirmed     1    39    50    20    50    48    50    34    48