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New QSL Cards

While I was happy with my last QSL cards, \I’d blown through almost 1000 cards needed some new ones.  I figured I’d learn from my mistakes and do something a little unique.  At the rate I use cards, the risk of doing something that doesn’t quite work is pretty low. My last cards seemed pretty sterile and I… Read More »

JR1EMO – memorable calls

I just worked JR1EMO on 15m JT65.  Working Japan from here isn’t terribly notable.  This one was.  Why?  Because JR1EMO was my first HF contact 15 months ago. June 27th of last year, right after I got my General ticket, I transmitted on HF for the first time after JR1EMO called CQ on 20m PSK31 (14.070).  I fumbled… Read More »

QSL Cards

Mine weren’t cheap… but we’re exactly what I wanted. I used Shipped, it came to $120 for 1000 cards, but mine are very heavy, 100% recycled and matte finish. K7ADD QSL Card v1 I’ve received a couple from people use used dedicated QSL card printers… I suspect these are ‘on the side businesses’ for daytime print shops.… Read More »