First Contest Experience

This last Sunday, I participated in the ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest. tl,dr; Results first: 37 rookies @ 2 points each, 122 non-rookies @ 1 point each (74+122) = 196 QSO Points 41 states, 4 VE provinces/territories, 1 DX for (46 Multipliers) = Total Score of 9,016 I’ve made contest contacts before, but I’ve opted to …

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QSL Cards

Mine weren’t cheap… but we’re exactly what I wanted. I used vistaprint.com. Shipped, it came to $120 for 1000 cards, but mine are very heavy, 100% recycled and matte finish. K7ADD QSL Card v1 I’ve received a couple from people use used dedicated QSL card printers… I suspect these are ‘on the side businesses’ for …

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QRP Experience

Kids, girlfriend, and I are renting a house on the north shore of O’ahu north of Hale’iwa, for the week. This picture was taken approximately here: http://binged.it/1iUxHLa, about 200 feet from the house. Rig is the an FT-817 running off internal W4RT batteries, antenna is a Buddistick configured for 10m. I also used Etymotics earbuds for …

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