A DXCC A Year Keeps the Doctor Away

One of the visualizations on Club Log is the DXCC Timeline view. It’s shocking how much DX I worked in my first 5 months on the air (2013) with an IC-7000 and a G5RV at 20 feet. 2014 saw me addition of the Hexbeam on the roof and the AL80B and not much travel. Throughout 2015 and 2016, I traveled a ton and spent much of my shack time refining the setup, instead of on the air. Even still, my ongoing goal will be to work (and confirm) a full DXCC every year.

If I include portable operations from Estonia and Slovenia, 2016 was the most successful year, yet.

Maybe someday I’ll figure out why I have >11k QSOs in the log and Club Log, no matter how many times I reload my ADIF, shows 9625 QSOs.