The Back 40
The Back 40, after clearing

As I’m sure is true for most hams, since I was first licensed, I’ve dreamed of huge gain at huge elevation (above ground). Imagination pushed the bounds of what’s possible… maybe a local replica of the epic Radio Arcala OH8X 160m beam?  A flex mounted way up the tower with WiFi and AC power for remote access?

In November of 2014, I bought a Trylon T200-80, 80′ self supporting triangular tower from KZ1W.  In May of 2015, my friend Jean (KG7NJQ) and I picked it up from Grant’s place.  I added 4 more sections to it from AG7N and had illusions of gain at elevation… life took over and I’ve basically not gotten around to it.  Fast forward to mid-December and I finally got around to clearing some land (pics attached).  I realized I had lots of options for where to put the antenna.

I consulted with a local tower installer (also a ham) on tower placement.  He mentioned that he had a line on 80′ of Rohn 55G and my gears started turning.  Having a new shack and a bunch of excitement about getting back on the air, I weighed bigger badder tower (and the ability to put more aluminum in the air than my one used tri-bander – M2 KT36XA) and I decided to set the SO2R plans aside, for awhile.

I’ll get some more land cleared this weekend (roughly off to the right of the skid steer, here).  UPDATES SOON!


The Brush Monster
The Brush Monster