Results first. Much better showing than my goofing around, a couple years ago.  Single op, assisted, low power:

 Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec   Mt2
3.5      23      23   16    0
7      80      80   33    2
14      81      81   35    1
21      26      26   12    0
28       3       3    3    0
Total     213     213   99    3
Score: 21,726
1 Mult = 2.1 Q's

Amazing what a difference time makes.  Ironically, it was the same power (100W), as the contest is limited to Low Power entries, and the same antenna (ZS6BKW), as I’m taking down the SteppIR in preparation for The Big Tower Project®.  I didn’t spend the full allowed 10 hours in the chair (probably closer to 6.5) and I didn’t scrub my logs at all.  I know I busted calls.  I could see them in the log, right afterward, but am using this as a test of my skill, not my ability to figure out calls later.  I also wasn’t strict about breaks, so there aren’t clear 30 minute gaps in my log… we’ll see what the scoring does to that 21.7k number.  I filled in a ton of 40 and 80m WAS gaps and I have line of sight on 5BWAS now!

I spent the majority of the contest search and pouncing, as without gain… running was futile.


I had a blast… and isn’t that the point?