New Shack

I recently relocated the shack from the old location in the garage into a closet in the front guest room.  You read that correctly… a closet!  The prior shack (pictured in 2014 NAQP SSB results) was out in the garage and left a lot to be desired.  Factors leading to my decision to rebuild the shack included …

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As I’m sure is true for most hams, since I was first licensed, I’ve dreamed of huge gain at huge elevation (above ground). Imagination pushed the bounds of what’s possible… maybe a local replica of the epic Radio Arcala OH8X 160m beam?  A flex mounted way up the tower with WiFi and AC power for …

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More Awards

As I said back in April, I hadn’t planned on becoming a paper chaser. Now that I’ve started to track my “accomplishments,” it’s become kind of fun to chase the states I’m missing. I’d already gotten hooked on chasing DX and had been tracking the unique entities I’d contacted, but recently I’ve been paying attention …

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