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“Failed” NPOTA

tl;dr: We activated two NPOTA units and the ARRL assessed them as invalid. I agree, but have determined to attempt a valid activation! When the ARRL announced the National Parks On The Air, my buddy Jean (KG7NJQ) and I started plotting and scheming a local activation.  I immediately noticed the two urban locations in Seattle, within 1/2 a mile… Read More »


Results first. Much better showing than my goofing around, a couple years ago.  Single op, assisted, low power: Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 3.5 23 23 16 0 7 80 80 33 2 14 81 81 35 1 21 26 26 12 0 28 3 3 3 0 Total 213 213 99 3 Score: 21,726 1 Mult =… Read More »


Having prior plans for travel to India, I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to participate in the North American QSO Party (NAQP) Single Sideband contest. Fortunately(?), I picked up a nasty cold a week ago and have been fighting it since.  The doc prescribed some antibiotics and suggested that I shouldn’t travel, if I could avoid it.  I… Read More »

W1AW/* are Staffed by Humans

As much as I’ve been enjoying the W1AW portable stations, obesity I’ve been dismayed by the pileup behavior of some of the hams calling. As a new ham, unhealthy I assumed that most would be well-behaved, clinic but I’ve been proved wrong more than once. When trying to work /2 (New Jersey), the RTTY op did a fantastic… Read More »

…and the results are in.

This last Sunday, I participated in the ARRL Rookie Roundup Contest. tl,dr; Results first: 37 rookies @ 2 points each, 122 non-rookies @ 1 point each (74+122) = 196 QSO Points 41 states, 4 VE provinces/territories, 1 DX for (46 Multipliers) = Total Score of 9,016 I’ve made contest contacts before, but I’ve opted to give points to… Read More »