Monthly Archives: January 2016


Managed to work the K5P Palmyra DXPedition on 3 bands (12m, 15m, and 20m), all phone.  This was due, in no small part, to horrible illness that Lauren and I picked up.  We skipped our vacation to Costa Rica and enjoyed a round of antibiotics and stomach flu, instead… which meant I was in the new shack instead of… Read More »

Custom QSL Labels / DXKeeper

Having posted about the new QSL cards, I thought it was worth a followup on the process I used to burn my first 850+ cards in a year or so.  I’ve been “chasing paper” (seeking awards) and keeping my confirmed : worked ratio high has been a constant challenge.  LoTW is awesome, but some DX just don’t upload.  I also send… Read More »

New QSL Cards

While I was happy with my last QSL cards, \I’d blown through almost 1000 cards needed some new ones.  I figured I’d learn from my mistakes and do something a little unique.  At the rate I use cards, the risk of doing something that doesn’t quite work is pretty low. My last cards seemed pretty sterile and I… Read More »


Results first. Much better showing than my goofing around, a couple years ago.  Single op, assisted, low power: Band QSOs Pts Sec Mt2 3.5 23 23 16 0 7 80 80 33 2 14 81 81 35 1 21 26 26 12 0 28 3 3 3 0 Total 213 213 99 3 Score: 21,726 1 Mult =… Read More »

New Shack

I recently relocated the shack from the old location in the garage into a closet in the front guest room.  You read that correctly… a closet!  The prior shack (pictured in 2014 NAQP SSB results) was out in the garage and left a lot to be desired.  Factors leading to my decision to rebuild the shack included lack of heat,… Read More »